Amazon Subscribe and Save can really save you some cash

Is bulk shopping worth the hassle?

You can really save some cash when buying certain items in bulk. We know this. We understand this. But often times it's inconvenient. Why? Well, there are a few reasons... 

First, like most families, the discovery of a low toilet paper supply is often realized when you're about half way through the last role. Even worse, once you have to utilize the box of Kleenex. In crisis mode, a quick trip to Walmart, or the gas station, doesn't allow you time to shop around for the best deal.

If you are able to plan ahead, and anything like me, during the trek to the back of the warehouse store for the 48 double rolls of toilet paper, I will without doubt find about fifteen other things I "need". So I purposely don't grab a basket to in an effort to discourage myself from any unplanned purchases. 

Nevertheless by the time I reach the toilet paper I somehow find myself with a few desperately needed items. Next I'm challenged with having to strategically balance my items on the way to the register, all while looking like a performer from Cirque Du Soleil, due to my basketless commerce decision.

Shopping made simple

What if you could get all of these frequently used items delivered right to your door, while still ringing in those same savings? Well now you can. has an amazing feature called "subscribe and save". You can set up the periodicity you need, anywhere from monthly to annually, and receive free shipping right to your front door. Another discount they offer is 15% off your entire order if you set up five items for delivery in a specific time frame.

For example, I ordered:

48 double rolls of toilet paper
24 rolls of paper towels
1 large box of trash bags
1 60ct box of dish washing tablets
3 18ct packages of laundry detergent pods

Since I had five items shipped, I received the 15% discount on the entire order. I set up a delivery periodicity for every three months, but odds are I won't need another order of paper towels in three months. That would knock me down to only four items during that delivery, in which I wouldn't receive the additional 15% off. 
However, there's a way around that... 

Tricks to saving the most

Instead of making my laundry detergent pods one three count quantity order, I listed them each as their own order. So instead of having five orders, I really have seven separate orders. It now looks more like this:

48 double rolls of toilet paper
24 rolls of paper towels
1 large box of trash bags
1 60ct box of dish washing tablets
1 18ct packages of laundry detergent pods
1 18ct packages of laundry detergent pods
1 18ct packages of laundry detergent pods

I am still able to snag the 15% off even if I remove the paper towels on my next order. 

Your pantry delivered to you

I've since expanded my order to include Ziplocks (quart, half gallon, gallon, and two gallon), Sweet Leaf sweetener (they have so many more flavors than I found locally, and for much less), foil, and fabric softener. 

I found the prices to be quite comparable, especially when you include the 15% discount, but it also saves me the time and gas.  

Often times Amazon stacks the bulk pricing and 15% discount saving with yet another available savings available: online coupons. 

Start your list

You'll be able to see an available coupon when viewing a particular item, or you can view all of Amazon's coupons here.

Check out all available items at Amazon Subscribe & Save, or just look for the words "subscribe & save" while browsing the main site.

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